Malik Rahim speaks volumes - Compositing,  Animation, Editing

Animated painting  portion  in  “ Rat Tribution Now”
Original painting - Joe Coleman  

Magic Hotel (Sonanbul) - Compositing,  Animation, Visuals,  Editing
In cooperation with Circus Roncalli and Vivian Sommer
Illustrations - Vivian Sommer 
Final Editing - Roman von Thurau

Magic Hotel (Sonanbul) Trailer  

Schiffbruch (Rummelsnuff) - Compositing
in collaboration with Hylas Film

Videoinstallation “Hofers Labyrinth” at Museum Sandhof Passeiertal - Compositing/ Animation

Vier vertikale Bildschirme umgeben den Besucher und erzählen die Geschichte
des Tiroler Freiheitskämpfer Andreas Hofer.

Four vertical screens surrounding the viewer play simultanously narrating
the story of Andreas Hofer, a famous tyrolean indipendence fighter.

Hofers Labyrinth - Dominik Mader -Compositing/ Animation
Philipp Halfmann - Editing
Andreas Pichler - Art Director
Seby Ciurcina - Illustrations


“Heldenhimmel” Museum Sandhof Passeiertal
as part of the exibition “Helden & Hofer -

“Politik einfach!”
animation, sound design, editing